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Are You Obligated?

There are a number of criteria that determine if you are obligated under Packaging Waste Regulations

Below is a simple guide to help you determine if you are an obligated company


Does your company handle packaging? Yes No
Does your annual UK turnover exceed £2 million? Yes No
Is your company part of a group whose combined UK turnover is more than £2 million? Yes No
Do you handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging in a calendar year? Yes No
Are you one of the following:

  • Direct importer
  • Raw material manufacturer
  • Packaging convertor
  • Packer / filler of packaging
  • Seller of packaged goods
Yes No

If you answered “Yes” to some or all of the above questions, it is likely that you could have an obligation under the Packaging Waste Regulations. Contact us to discuss your possible obligation in more detail.

If you answered “No”, it is likely that these regulations do not currently affect you. If you are unsure over any answer, please feel free to contact us for guidance

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