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Householders – Why recycle?

Most households produce around 1 tonne of waste each year. The UK is committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and you can help by recycling your packaging wastes.

A large proportion of our household waste is made up of various forms of packaging. This is not just the packaging around your new television – it also includes packaging around everyday items you consume such as milk bottles, soup tins, drinks cartons etc.

Most of this packaging is made of either paper, plastic, glass and metals. The material used to make these comes from natural resources and most are simple to recycle back into raw material.

household recycling

We can all do more to help ourselves and the environment by following some simple rules:


  • Try to purchase products that are loose rather than pre-packaged
  • Minimise the amount of packaging you purchase by refusing carrier bags or wrappings where possible
  • Buy in larger containers if practical, thus reducing the overall amount of packaging you take home
  • The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 1998 require that companies minimise packaging. Contact your Local Authority Trading Standards office if you think a product has been over packaged


  • Many shops today offer refills for the products on sale. Take advantage of these refills


  • Where you cannot reduce or reuse items, then recycle them.
  • Follow the links to see what is available in your area and ideas on how you can help recycle your household wastes.

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