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New Member Process

When you join any new organisation there’s always an element of uncertainty about what each stage in the process is.

Toddpak try to keep things simple and here’s your 6 step guide to what you should expect at each stage in the process.

  1. Once we have received your initial enquiry we will always ask you for a certain amount of basic information about your company including:
    • Your registered company name, registration number and registered address
    • Your contact details
    • The nature of your business, e.g. packs baked beans in cans and boxed
    • Your annual turnover
  2. Once we have received this information we will then issue you with a data pack and our terms and conditions of business. At this point, after reviewing your basic information, we may also suggest that we visit your site to give you a little helping hand getting started.
  3. After receiving your completed data pack we will review it and ensure that it is correct. If we find any anomalies we will contact you to help you through making a correct data submission.
  4. Once we have all of the correct data we will then apply for a NPWD Code (if required) and also suggest that, if required, we visit your site to carry out an audit of your packaging waste.
  5. We will then issue you with your Scheme Member Number which welcomes you as a Toddpak member.
  6. We register you with the Environment Agency to ensure they are aware of your membership with Toddpak.

It’s as simple as that!
Contact us today to talk about your compliance needs and the new member process with one of our specialist team.

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