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Membership of ToddPak is open to any business obliged to comply with the regulations

TODDPAK is part of Todd Waste Management Group, the North’s leading provider of waste management services. We operate a full, comprehensive and cost effective compliance service for our members providing timely, open and accessible information on all aspects of the regulations.

Operating on the basis that we will meet the aggregated obligations of our members by obtaining Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) generated through the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. The cost of acquiring PRNs will be charged back to members quarterly according to each member’s obligation.

Toddpak provides members with regular information on the development of the scheme and the Packaging Waste Regulations through bulletins, newsletters, the website, e-mail and personal one to one contact.

Packaging is defined within the regulations as ‘material used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods’.

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We provide a bespoke service to meet the individual needs of our members

  • We help you to complete relevant paperwork
  • We will review your raw data
  • Keeping you informed of change in regulation and how this affects your business
  • No joining fees – one annual fee for membership

Our experienced team is dedicated to meeting your expectations, TODDPAK provides a service second to none.
Toddpak operates as a separate unit within Todd Waste Management Group Ltd. In this way overheads are minimised and the scheme can benefit from the complete range of Todd Waste Management Group’s 117 years of support services, expertise and high-tech infrastructure.

The close integration with Todd Waste Management Group allows Toddpak members to access advice and services on a whole range of waste management issues, from conventional waste collection, to fluorescent tube recycling or hazardous waste management.

Toddpak takes responsibility for the statutory obligations of member companies to recover and recycle packaging waste in proportion to the packaging materials they handle in their businesses. These obligations result from a European Directive. They are based on the principle of shared producer responsibility with the aim of achieving sustainable production and consumption.

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