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Toddpak is pleased to have joined a consortium of environmental and packaging compliance schemes in launching a Packaging Scheme Forum (PSF), as the industry prepares for reforms to producer obligations.

Established by 45 of the 50 registered UK packaging compliance schemes, the PSF aims to provide insight, guidance and feedback on the existing Producer Responsibility Obligations and will seek to “foster open and collaborative dialogue” between industry bodies and government.

A report* published recently by the National Audit Office was quite critical of the packaging obligation system. As a result, the UK’s packaging compliance PRN sector is preparing for potentially radical changes which are likely to be published for consultation alongside the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy later this year.

Chairman of the new forum, Robbie Staniforth, says the interest in packaging regulations is encouraging. “It has been encouraging to witness the recent surge in interest in the UK’s existing packaging regulations and we welcome all efforts being made by Government to review the existing system,” he explained.

Mr Staniforth added: “The members of this newly formed PSF have considerable expertise from operating with the existing Packaging Waste Regulations. We look forward to working collaboratively with Government so the best results for the UK’s industry, producers and our environment are secured.”

PSF reports that its members represent 97% of producers registered with compliance schemes within the UK. Its first official meeting was held on Thursday 13th September 2018 in Birmingham, which was attended by key representatives from Defra to share ideas of upcoming regulation and to gauge opinions.

*  View details of NAO report at: https://www.nao.org.uk/report/the-packaging-recycling-obligations/