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The British Plastics Federation Recycling Group (BPFRG) has launched a new strategy in order to try and improve the UK recycling industry for plastics.

The aim of BPFRG new strategy is to encourage the development of the UK plastic recycling industry and to keep valuable plastic material in the UK. By keeping it in the UK, the UK manufacturing sector can use the recycled plastics.

As part of their new strategy, the BPFRG have called for various changes to be made, these include:

  • Split recycling targets – different targets for the UK based plastics and the exported plastics, a target which increases over time.
  • An investment fund in order to develop new technology. They suggest this fund to be built up from either landfill tax, extending producer responsibility or creating a minimum price for PRN/PERNs.
  • Increase the standard of plastics recycled therefore producing high quality material. This will, in theory, create demand for the recycled products produced using public procurement and procurement from large corporate companies.

It is hoped that eventually this will create a UK recycling industry where they’re producing plastic products which are easier to recycle.

The BPFRG are collaborating with the Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP). This collaboration will examine the barriers which prevent certain plastics from being recycled – ultimately helping to increase the plastic recycling levels.

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