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Is your business obligated under the packaging responsibilities regulations

Does your business or organisation produce or use packaging?

Does your business or organisation sell packaged goods?

You may have packaging responsibilities and be obligated under the packaging obligations.

Definition of ‘Packaging’

Any material which is used to hold, protect, handle, deliver and present goods. This includes the packaging for raw materials though to the packaging of finished goods. For example pallets, boxes, bags, tape for wrapping, etc.

Packaging Responsibilities

If you’re obligated you’ll have to follow the packaging rules in order to:

  • Reduce the amount of packaging which is produced in the first place;
  • Reduce packaging waste which goes to landfill;
  • Increase the amount of packaging waste that is recycled and recovered.

Are you Obligated?

If you, or a group of companies which you’re part of, handle 50 tonnes of packaging materials or packaging in the previous calendar year. And if your annual turnover is more than £2million (based on the last financial year’s accounts), then you’re obligated.

Packaging responsibilities do not include packaging or packaging materials which are used internally within the business.

All of your packaging obligations are to also include your Duty of Care obligations which are applicable to all businesses and organisations which produce waste, of any volume.

Annual Responsibilities

Every year, obligated companies have the following packaging responsibilities:

  • Register as a packaging producer by 7th April each year;
  • Meet their recovery and recycling obligations – This is a figure given to the obligated company stating how much packaging and packaging materials that they need to recover and recycle in the year;
  • Obtain evidence of compliance;
  • Submit a Certificate of Compliance by 31st January the following year.

How to Register

You can either register your business or organisation direct with the environment agency, or go through a compliance scheme, like ToddPak.

What happens if we don’t register?

Recently the Olive Oil company, Filippo Berio, fell foul of the packaging regulations after failing to register with a compliance scheme and not taking reasonable steps to recycle its packaging. As a result, they donated £250,000 to the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust.

If you have any questions, want to check if you’re obligated, or want to know more about ToddPak, contact us.

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