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ToddPak has received confirmation from the Environment Agency that its 2016 Certificate of Compliance has been accepted. We will be sending out the Certificate of Compliance 2016 to all the ToddPak members in the forthcoming weeks.

This is the 19th successful compliance year for ToddPak and is a key reason many companies choose ToddPak as their packaging compliance scheme provider.

ToddPak provides expertise and knowledge to the management of the packaging compliance obligation for the companies with whom it effects. Being the leading packaging waste compliance scheme operating in the North of England, we serve and ensure that all of our members remain up to date and compliant with the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007.

Providing a bespoke service to meet the individual needs of members, we ensure they are getting the best value for money service.

All ToddPak members benefit from:

  • Treatment as individuals
  • Working with our members to ensure their data submissions are correct
  • Low-cost audit service to ensure members are stating their correct liability
  • Personal tailoring of the sale and purchase of PRN’s to ensure individual needs are met
  • One to one consultations in the comfort of our members own offices.

Are you currently in a packaging compliance scheme but looking for a change? Please get in touch with us on 01845 523 131 or contact us here.

Unsure if you and your business are obligated to conform to the packaging compliance regulations? Do you handle packaging? Do you handle over 50 tonnes of packaging material annually? Do you have an annual turnover of over £2million? If so, you are likely to be affected by the regulations. Contact us to find out more and how we can help.

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