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The 2015 / 16 annual household recycling rates have been announced, and they make for disappointing reading!

The household recycling rates for England have fallen for the first time since modern records began. Below shows how the year stacked up against the previous years.

  • 2015 / 16 – 43.9%
  • 2014 / 15 – 44.7%
  • 2013 / 14 – 44.5%

In London, the household recycling rate has fallen for the third consecutive year, as shown below.

  • 2015 / 16 – 32%
  • 2014 / 15 – 33.1%
  • 2013 / 14 – 33.9%
  • 2012 / 13 – 34%

Strong progress had been made on the recycling rates for England for the past decade, so to see a reduction in recycling is disappointing. The Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) has predicted this for some time, so is now the time for Westminster to demonstrate its commitment to recycling?

There are many reasons as to why the reduction in household recycling has come about, with difficult market conditions and local authority funding cuts being just some. This is particularly relevant for England, as Wales and Scotland have been able to demonstrate that clear policies, targets and focused efforts can maintain momentum and provide long term savings to councils. However, since England generates 83% of UK household waste, they need to do their part for increasing the rates.

Some professionals believe that ‘fresh thinking’ is needed to boost the recycling rates back up. What do you think needs to be done?

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