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The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) are seeking people’s views on proposed changes to waste packaging recycling targets.

There are various options available which will take us into 2020, these options are:

  • Keeping the recycling targets for steel, paper, aluminium and wood packaging targets the same level as 2017, but extend to 2020.


  • Increase the recycling at varying rates for different materials.

Current packaging recycling targets for next year are;

  • 55% aluminium
  • 76% steel
  • 69.5% paper
  • 22% wood
  • 79% recovery

If Defra decides to boost targets by 2020, the rise for each packaging material are:

  • Paper to rise by 5.5%
  • Wood to rise by 24%
  • Steel to rise by 6%
  • Aluminium to rise by 6%

The alternative option would be for:

  • A 2.5 rise for paper
  • A 9% rise for wood
  • A 6% rise for steel
  • A 9% rise in aluminium

Plastic and glass packaging recycling targets have already been set up to 2020.

Further goals are required under the terms of the EU’s Packaging Directive.

Defra is requesting stakeholder responses to its consultation on the targets by 6th January 2017.

We wonder what your thoughts are on the considerations taking place? Comment below or tweet us @wasteman250

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