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There will be an increase in the number of packaging recovery notes (PRNs) that can be claimed.

Following a consultation with the industry bodies, led by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), the Advisory Committee on Packaging, the Environment Agency (EA) and Defra, it has been agreed to increase the number of claimable PRNs under mixed paper protocol 023 and to adopt BS EN643 as the EA agreed industry standard for approved reprocessors and exporters.

There is an expected increase from the National Mixed Paper Protocol, from 23% to 34.5% from the New Year. This increase relates to the claimable packaging waste in mixed papers, this would potentially increase the amount of PRNs by 290,000, said the Confederation of Paper Industries.

The reason for this increase has been put down to social changes in the past 20 years. The decline in the readership of newspapers, coupled with the increase in online activities such as online shopping, together with changes in food packaging have all resulted in an increase in the proportion of packing papers.

Random samples found the packaging content of mixed paper to be 34.5% – hence the increase in PRNs.

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