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What is Classed as Packaging?

Classed as packaging is a product which contains, protects, handles, delivers or presents raw materials and processed goods. This includes items used to contain or wrap products being sold or to be sold, for example boxes, pallets, tape, bags and sacks.

It is also classed as items used to handle or support goods, for example clothes hangers, rolls and tubes.

Finally, obligated materials include other components which perform a packaging function, for example labels and measuring materials for dosage.

It’s not packaging if…

  • It’s part of a product
  • Necessary to preserve a product
  • Contain or support a product during its lifespan and use
  • Intended to be disposed of together with the product, e.g. CD casestoddpak cd case compliance

Plastic Carrier Bags – Packaging or Not?

Since the change in Law which has seen the 5p carrier bag charge, there has been a change as to whether plastic carrier bags are classed as packaging or not.

Free of charge carrier bags, given at the smaller shops, are obligated.toddpak plastic bags

Paid for carrier bags are seen as a product in their own right, therefore they aren’t classed as packaging.

Are Coat Hangers Obligated?

Coat hangers can be a bit of an unclear area as to whether they are obligated or not, depending on how they’re sold.

Coat hangers which are sold as a product are not obligated.toddpak coat hangers

Coat hangers which are obligated are used for the presentation, handling and protection of items, such as clothing. However, those coat hangers where the customer leaves the shop with the good and the coat hanger, they’re the end user, not the shop. When the coat hangers stay in the shop, the business is the end user, therefore obligated.

If you have a particular product in mind and you’re unsure whether it would be classed as obligated packaging, contact us and we will try to assist.

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