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Our ToddPak Packaging Compliance scheme has been registered for 2016!

The Environment Agency has issued a letter confirming that ToddPak has been registered as a Packaging Compliance scheme for 2016. This is ready for the publication of National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) on 16th May, with which the producer and scheme registers and data reports will be published.

If your business handles more than 50tonnes of packaging and has an annual turnover of more than £2million, then you are an obligated business, therefore must register as one. You must follow the regulations to reduce packaging and increase the amount of packaging which is diverted from landfill, where the packaging instead is being recycled and recovered.

Registering you business can either be done direct with the Environment Agency, or through a packaging compliance scheme, like ToddPak. By joining a scheme for a fee, you will be assisted with your waste packaging recovery and recycling obligations, and the scheme will register your business with the correct environmental regulator.

Please contact ToddPak to discuss how we can help your obligated business.

2016 Registration Letter

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