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Packaging recovery notes (PRNs) provide the evidence needed to show that waste packaging material has been reprocessed into a new product, forming a key part of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007. PRNs are issued by accredited re-processors when a tonne of packaging material has been recovered or recycled. It is the PRNs that prove an obligated company has recycled a tonne of packaging. It is ToddPak who secure the PRNs on behalf of the members in order to fulfill their obligation.

The Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) have released a guide on the PRN system, aimed at improving the transparency of the PRN system. It comes at a time where councils and domestic re-processors are becoming increasingly anxious that the revenue from PRNs is not being used to further recycling in the UK. Linking back to our blog on the latest budget from the Chancellor.

The guide shows:

  • An overview of packaging recycling
  • How obligated companies and re-processors stand to benefit
  • Several case studies helped through PRN financial support, projects which have increased collection and recycling – including the developments of recycling plants
  • Benefits and criticisms of the system

The PRN system in the UK is rather unique, with only Poland being the other European country to model their system on the UK system. It is unique in its approaches to compliance with the UK using a tradeable permit mechanism to achieve mandatory packaging recycling targets.

You can read a copy of the PRN System Guide

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